Finding My Forever Family – Explaining Adoption

Some of my readers may know that I wrote a children’s book explaining adoption in 2019. Finding My Forever Family is a personalised or customised adventure story about adoption. But, what sets it apart is that your heart-baby is the main character and, in it, he or she learns about adoption, what an extraordinary journey it is, and how they found you – their Forever Family.

Research has shown that the most positive and beneficial way to tell a child that they’ve been adopted is never to tell have to them at all, but to make it a natural part of their upbringing. When they don’t even have to question that they were adopted, they are going to benefit the most. By reading this book to them from very young, they naturally see that this story is about them.

adoption book
Finding My Forever Family – a personalised book that takes your adopted child on an extraordinary adventure to explain adoption.
Finding My Forever Family is fun, sensitive, and includes important messages to reassure your heart-baby that they are very special and will be loved and cherished by you forever.

Customised Books

Each book is tailored to include the name of your child, any information that you have available about their birth (if possible), what you felt when you saw them for the first time, a family photo, a baby photo (if available), and a personal message from you. Zoe Venter did all of the illustrations, which are also customised to reflect how your child looks. So, if your baby is white with blonde hair, the character will be too. If your baby is black, the character will be too.
The book is an A5, soft-cover book with 24 to 26 full-colour pages.
If you’d like to order one of these very special books, email me on with the following information (if and where available), please:
1. Child’s name:
2. Child’s birth weight:
3. Child’s birth length:
4. Child’s birthplace(hospital and town):
5. Date of birth
6. Child’s hair colour(this can be as a baby or their distinctive colour now. If your baby was born with dark hair that has become red, and they are better known as a red-head, the illustrations can depict them with red hair):
7. The first distinguishing features that you noticed about them– long eyelashes, curly hair, a birthmark, etc…:
8. Their personality as a baby – curious, funny, playful, serious, etc…:
9. Details about the parents (are you a single parent, a mom and a dad, two moms, two dads? Does dad have strong arms? Does mom have blue eyes? Any basic info that the child will associate with you as his or her parents):
10. Your delivery address:
11. A personal message to your child:
12. Age of child when adopted:
13. What do they call you? Mom and dad? Mama? Mommy? Papa? Daddy?

How Much Does the Book Cost?

This personalised book costs R500, including delivery to just about any South African address.
It makes a stunning gift for your own child, or for others that have adopted. Email for a quote and banking details to secure your order.

A Bit of Background Info

Chlidrens book author
Amelia Meyer – Author of Finding My Forever Family

I’m a heart-mom to a teenager. Our family is a little different from the mould. We understand that different families have different dynamics, and contexts that shape them. I understand trying to answer hard questions with answers that are easier to process.

In 2018, an adoptive mother approached me because her social worker had suggested that she write her son a book to tell him that he hadn’t been born from her. I wrote a short story for her. But, it wasn’t an adventure story – it was just a narrative that explained adoption in a gentle way.

I knew that I needed to write an adoption book – one with fun, adventure and my own voice. I wanted to make this available to other adoptive families. So, I began talking to and working with a number of respected social workers, play therapists, and adopted children around the country. It became clear that this book needed to tackle some very complex issue in a kind and loving way.

This book is designed and written to help your heart-baby to know that they are adopted, but to learn it in a natural, safe and gradual way. Reading this book to your baby from very young will help you to overcome one of the biggest challenges of how and when to tell your heart-baby that they’ve been adopted.