{Product Review} Hyperhidrosis Treatment – The Iontoderma iD-1000

After writing a piece on the many (many) symptoms of thyroid disease, I had an amazing response. Apart from the comments and private inbox messages from people that felt like a number of their “mystery” symptoms were finally making sense, a Canadian company called Iontoderma approached me about their product. Now, usually, I’m completely sceptical about promoting products that I haven’t tried. It just smacks of being all kinds of shallow. So, I checked out their site, chatted to their representative, and watched a number of independent reviews. I was really impressed by the experiences people have had. Here’s one, and here’s another:

And, what kind of blogging-mom-come-thyroid-disease-sufferer-and-product-review-person would I be if I didn’t share these little gems with my readers? Here’s what I learnt…

What is Hyperhidrosis?

Basically, it’s abnormal sweating. So, it’s sweating that doesn’t make sense. Outdoor temperatures, exercise and anxiety have nothing to do with it. It just is. In the case of thyroid diseases, it may be in the form of sweating hands and feet, night sweats, and cold sweats.

While sweating may not sound all that bad, hyperhidrosis on the hands and feet can be devastating to those that suffer from it. Imagine dreading any moment that you may have to shake someone’s hand at a party or work function. Or not being able to hold hands with the person that you love, or not being able to touch your face because your wet hands will smudge your make-up. Imagine sweating your way through so many socks and shoes that you’re constantly having to replace them, or never feeling confident to take your shoes off in company.

What Causes Hyperhidrosis?

There can be various reasons that someone suffers from hyperhidrosis. These range from syndromes, abscesses and encephalitis to cancer, certain medications, endocrine issues, fibromyalgia and congestive heart failure. So, go to the doctor and get it checked out to find the cause.

All About the Iontoderma iD-1000

This treatment is designed for people that suffer from excessive hyperhidrosis on their hands and feet.  An electric current is passed through water to interfere with sweat glands right under the surface of the skin. This process is called iontophoresis. Here’s the cracker – it has been proven to be a successful treatment for hyperhidrosis in more than 90% of the patients that tried it for their hand and / or foot sweating. Those are some incredible stats.  And they didn’t pay me to say that.

Here’s more on how it works:

Treating hyperhidrosis or sweating in hands and feet
How iontophoresis works on a sweat gland in the hand or foot

Side Effects and Contraindications

Incredibly, although water and electricity sound like a pretty lethal combination, this treatment has no real negative impact and causes no lasting side effects. At the very most, there may be some discomfort during the actual treatment. Regarding safety, their website says:

“Electric burns and shocks can be avoided by following routine precautions. Contraindications for tap water iontophoresis are metallic implants, such as cardiac pacemakers, or orthopaedic joint or bone implants, if they are within the electric circuit. Defects in the skin barrier, which cannot be protected by petroleum jelly or insulating tape, also represent a temporary contraindication. Treatment in pregnancy is contraindicated, since experience is lacking.”

How to Get Your Soon-to-be-Sweat-Free Hands on an Iontoderma iD-1000

Order your Iontoderma online here. The price right now is ZAR3 971. There is free shipping to South Africa. As an added bonus, Iontoderma has given me a DISCOUNT VOUCHER CODE for my readers. Use it to get 15% off when you order yours. Code:FORVOXATE. Credit cards, debit cards and PayPal accepted.

Here are all of their details:

Website: https://iontoderma.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iontoderma
Twitter: https://twitter.com/iontoderma
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/iontoderma

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