{Product Review} – My Daughter and I Review Superbalist.com’s Girls’ Shoes

Someone once told me that the reason I love shoes so much is that, no matter how fat I get, they’ll always fit me. Passive aggressive, yes. But, also (maybe) true. Anyway, girls love shoes, I’m just supporting gender norms. So, when Superbalist.com asked me to share my thoughts on some of their girls’ shoes, I was glad to be part of reinforcing societal expectations. What am I talking about? I LOVED this project. My daughter, age 9, and I chose five of our favourite girls’ shoes and share our thoughts below:


Girls pumps


I say: These silver and pink sequins pumps from Cotton On are the perfect combo of cute and semi-formal for little girls that have a social life! I like the comfy elasticated edge and the bling.

Katie saysI like that they can’t get so tight, and they’re a little bit bendy so, if your foot is longer, it can stretch a bit. Also, the bottom is flat, so it’s comfortable.

Cost on Superbalist.com: R169


Tassel sandals for girls on Superbalist

I say: I’m always pro a little Boho, so I like the “hippy”  element to these, which are also from Cotton On. The colour is versatile and makes for a welcome change from pink and purple (however, there was also a pink and purple pair for moms that don’t feel the same way that I do).

Katie says: I like that they’re adjustable, so you can loosen them. I like the tassels and the colour because, when dirt gets on it, you won’t see it so much.

Cost on Superbalist.com: R249


Red Converse sneakers for girls

I say: What’s not to like about these red babies? They’re trendy, comfy, a little cheeky, and, being Converse, have a brand advantage for kids that care about that.

Katie says: I like them because they’re comfortable to wear on any occasion. Also, they can be for dancing. They’re not inappropriate – they’re not too showy.

Cost on Superbalist.com: R659

Gold slip-on shoes for girls

I say: Anything that’s gold is a winner for me. I’m like a crow. These Cotton on girls’ slip-ons are blingy, comfy and cute. I’d wear them.

Katie says: I like it that it’s gold and it gives a nice showy display from a distance. {clearly, she’s unprompted…where does she get this stuff?}

Cost on Superbalist.com: R249


ballet pumps for girls

I say: Cotton On’s pink ballet pumps with a knot are girly, but a little more mature. These are great for dinners and more formal events, but stay cute and feminine.

Katie says: They’re different because, in front, they have a hole and that makes it nice because sometimes it gets squashed around that area.

Cost on Superbalist.com: R199

These were some of our favourites (don’t even get me started on the adult range – gurrrrl!). Moms have loads of options on Superbalist.com, so check out their girls’ shoesboys’ shoesbaby girls’ shoes and baby boys’ shoes for more utter cuteness too.

There is also a Superbalist.com app for Android and iOS to make life, shopping and shoe fetishes that much easier. Of course, Superbalist.com has much more than shoes. There’s everything from swimwear and accessories to formal suits and home accessories.

The first-time buyers’ promo means that, when you spend R600 or more, you get a generous R250 off. Score. 
You’re welcome 😉

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