Things I STILL Haven’t Done in Cape Town…But Want To

I lived in the CBD of Cape Town for four years, when I was studying at UCT. Some of my happiest memories are from first year, before I had a drivers’ licence. My dad would pick me up after lectures and we’d walk some not-even-really-a-trail on Table Mountain, or get a rum and raisin ice-cream on top of Signal Hill. It didn’t matter what kind of day I’d had (although, to be fair, how bad could those days be before I paid tax or retained water?), these outings always made me feel like Cape Town just had part of my heart.

Over the years, I’ve gone back many times. Sometimes to visit, other times to work, and other times, for a holiday to see said dad. And I’ve done loads of the things I think should be done when in CT. Still, there are SO many things I haven’t done yet….

Things I STILL haven’t done in Cape Town, but intend to:

Go Foraging

This is kind of a thing for me. I want to do it in Knysna too. Basically, I want to do it everywhere. Why? It seems like a fun and responsible thing to do. Why haven’t I done it yet? Probably because it also feels like something that would get my hands dirty. But, I love the idea of finding my own mushrooms, mussels, edible plants…And then eating them. So, in Cape Town, there’s a foraging tour at the Good Hope Gardens in the stunning Cape Point. The guides teach you about different plants, help you to find them, and then prep a three-course meal with the foraged ingredients. I like this idea because it’s less likely that I’ll end up tripping out on a dodgy mushroom. The guide, Roushanna, can be contacted on 072 234 4804 or

Channel my Inner Gangster

Let’s be honest, it’s not that far under the surface of this “mom” veneer. I typed that while wearing a cardigan and sensible shoes. Moving along. There’s the 18 Gangster Museum in Khayelitsha, which I absolutely must visit. It is a realistic glimpse into the harsh truths of gangsterism and the prison system in South Africa and was set up to educate and deter the youngsters of the community from getting into that kind of life. I love its approach and values. I’ll wear something a little edgier, though. I don’t want the gangsters to think I’m uncool.

Cruise the Mountain Passes in a Sports Car

There’s no good reason for this. I have a perfectly good Hyundai. But, why not? I want to feel the wind in my hair and wear oversized sunglasses. I want people to drive past me and think I’m awfully civilised. I want to get all Thelma-and-Louise and then Insta-story it to death.

Kite Surf at Blouberg

kite surfing bloubergstrand
I mean, it could happen…Kite surfing at Blouberg.

I say this like it’s something in the realm of my reality. It’s (probably) not. But, I do love the idea of seeing Table Mountain in the background while I join 3 000 other kite surfers that obviously know what they’re doing and can definitely rescue me when I get my lines tangled or get wind-splatted into the glass of some fancy restaurant across the road. Come to think of it, this should be on my bucket list for sheer entertainment value for the spectators. I think I’ll wait until I’m on a medical aid, though.

Do an Overnight Hike Up Table Mountain

Something that you need to understand about me is that I’ve never even taken a day-time hike. In fact, I’ve never hiked for longer than three or four hours, and it was more of a sweaty walk. But, there’s a hike that starts at Kirstenbosch and goes up into Table Mountain (called the Hoerikwaggo Trails), with loads to see along the way. Imagine the spectacular views of Cape Town. In the mountain, there’s a cottage that can sleep up to 12 people. There are probably spots to camp too. But, who needs that after a day of hiking? Not me, that’s who.


Take a Steam Train To Robertson

steam train cape town
The steam train to Robertson, from the Ceres Rail website.

Oh my hat, this is all kinds of exciting to me. You can book return trips to Robertson, and some packages include lunch and wine tastings before heading back to Cape Town CBD. Trains are romantic and exciting. Most of all, they’re not soaring through the air, ready to plummet 30 000 feet to your certain death at any time. Which, obviously, refers to flying. Trains are safe, go at a comfortable pace, and these ones have food and bar facilities too.

SCUBA Dive in Simon’s Town

I recently wrote a piece about how there are seals and sevengill cow sharks in Simon’s Town’s False Bay that are curious and are often seen by the divers. My aching eyeballs, I’d love to dive with curious animals that don’t include curious great white sharks. I like shy, demure sharks that know their place. And that place is about six metres away from me. But, I still want to see them. How amazing? One day, one day.

Visit Zeitz MOCAA

It’s actually shameful that I haven’t visited here yet because I’ve been as far as standing outside it. I just wasn’t in the right head-space (which, it turns out, is a very narrow window of opportunity; I blame my thyroid. I blame it for my moods, weight, brittle hair…sometimes, I even blame it for global warming and plastic in the oceans). Anyway, this art museum looks all sorts of incredible. I mean, exhibitions of hanging bricks? Be still, my inner hipster.

Ride a Topless Bus Around the City

I’ve never really seen Cape Town through tourists’ eyes. I’d like to take a day off and just chill in the sun on one of the city tour buses and enjoy the vibe through new eyes.

Dive With Crocodiles

Hoowee, I’d love to get my croc on. Le Bonheur Crocodile Farm offers croc-cage diving experiences. Because you’re in a cage, they can’t chomp you, but you can get really close to them. Crocodiles always fascinate me because they’re slow and placid-looking. But, then, they have the strongest bite ever recorded and could definitely ruin your day if they got half the chance. I love a good inconsistency.

The End

Add to my list in the comments – I’d love some other ideas.

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