Ridiculous Things That Worry Me

I posted a poll on Instagram asking people which post they’d most like to read next – one on the silly things that worry me, or one on cheap summer dresses I’d found. It was the dresses. But, that takes some prep, so I’ll post this one in the meantime…

I’ve always been a bit of a worrier. I’ve worried about the big things (world hunger, animal abuse, pollution in the oceans) and the small ones (how many freckles is too many?) And, the more I’m on social media and the internet in general, the more I find that my worries are fairly similar to everyone else’s. This post isn’t a solution to worrying. It’s just sharing because I’m between jobs at the moment:

I worry that…

  1. My daughter won’t be waiting for me after school, even though that’s never happened.
  2. The massage-lady won’t do the left side exactly the same way she did the right side. What if she forgets how many times she did clockwise circles on the scapula?
  3. I won’t be able to lose the four extra kilograms I put on over winter, even though I haven’t started trying yet.
  4. The eggs will stick to the pan. Again. Like they do every day (except when my husband makes them, dammit).
  5. My moles are changing shape. They’re not.
  6. The pair of shorts that I use to measure weight gain won’t fit. They just fit.
  7. I’ll never get better from a cold. When I’m sick, I just can’t imagine not being sick ever again. It’s very dramatic.
  8. I won’t sleep tonight.
  9. My tyre will burst one day and the car will roll (that’s exactly what happens when tyres burst, right?)
  10. The eyeliner on my left eye won’t match the right.
  11. Too many shops in my hometown are closing down and, soon, we won’t have anywhere to shop…except the next town.
  12. I’ll never swim with dolphins.
  13. Masterchef is staged.
  14. My make-up fixing spray is going to burn my eyes. It does, every time, and then I have to try and get water in my eyes without washing my makeup off.
  15. The avo I’m about to open is going to be off / have a really big pip / be watery. That’s some high-stress stuff.

Comment with the silly things you worry about. It’ll make me feel less ridiculous. Otherwise, I’ll just have to add that to my list of things to worry about. #DrPhilCantHandleMeRightNow

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  1. 25th Oct 2018

    I am always worried there’s something stuck in or on my teeth! They so tightly packed together – anything can get stuck in there!

    • 25th Oct 2018

      Oh my word, that should definitely have been on my list!

  2. Aldeen Van Vuuren
    25th Oct 2018

    I worry about my tyre bursting and the car rolling every time I get into the car!!!
    I worry that my boys won’t be there when I go and fetch them, then I worry about where I would start to look for them, how dramatic.

    • 26th Oct 2018

      Maybe this just means that we’re the normal ones?

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