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I like to think I’m different; I don’t run with the crowd, I paddle my own boat to my own shore, bla bla bla. But, when it comes to shoes, I’m a total girl. I love them. And I believe they love me too. So, this week, thanks to the motivation from Just Ella Bella (guuuurl), I shared some of my own favourite shoes with the world. Here’s a review of a fantastic shoe-soaked week:


Cream high heels for ladies from The Fix
I mean…Ok, these babies come from The Fix and are comfortable for short walks. I made the mistake of wearing them for a full-day convention. Ouch. Still, no blisters because they’re soft. Just sore heels from the height.


Snakeskin ladies high heel shoes from Luella
A friend that just knows me too well (ok, they didn’t fit her) insisted that I take these and I love them! These mustard snakeskin heels are from Luella. I adore them with denim.


Black and lace sequin high heels for women
These black and lace sequin heels make my heart skip a beat. I’m not even being dramatic. I remember seeing them on a shelf above eye level in a little Chinese boutique in PE and gasping. Like, I literally gasped. They’re comfy too. Sort of. For heels.


Red satin high heels
I firmly believe every closet needs a pair of red heels. These are Kelso, from Edgars. I like that they add a pop and a bit of glam to any outfit – formal and casual.


WEdge sandals with interchangeable straps
These Cnotta wedges are designed to have interchangeable straps of any length and most fabrics.They can be tied in two different ways, and you could add a bit of bling, beads, even a buckle. They are SUPER comfy and I love how versatile they are. Also, they’re a gift from my person, so I love them even more.


Cream scalloped high heels for women
These fleather scalloped heels come from the same magical Chinese boutique as the black and lace heels. They’re comfortable and classic. There’s a little wear and tear because I’ve had them for 10 years; but, I think they’re all kinds of beautiful.


Brown leather Bronx boots for ladies
We’ve all got a little cowgirl inside us, yeehaa-ing to get out. I give her some airtime with these brown leather Bronx boots.


Grey leather boots for ladies
These grey leather boots are also from Bronx, so the leather is super-soft. I like the mottled effect. They go with just about anything. Solid favourites.

Thanks for indulging my shoe fetish. Feel free to share some of your favourites – I live vicariously through fellow shoe-lovers.

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