A West Coast Adventure – Mainly in Selfies

I recently had to shoot up to Cape Town for another check-up with the oncologist. Because these addle my brain a little, we decided to make a holiday out of it and explore a bit of the West Coast. I’ve been to Evita se Perron in Darling years ago, but that’s pretty much it. And, now that the Western Cape is having a drought of heart-breaking proportions, we weren’t sure what to expect. So, we took our own water and headed out on a road trip to the West Coast. I should mention that, although we obviously love selfies, I’m not very good at them. Sorry. Not great quality.

The Great Cape West Coast Road Trip of 2018

Miller's Thumb Restaurant in Cape Town
On our first night, we headed to Miller’s Thumb in Kloofnek, Cape Town, which is still my all-time favourite. I had rump bordelaise, he had a fragrant fish curry, and we shared delicious Cajun tentacles. Unfortunately, we were far too distracted to take pics of the food, so you’ll all just have to visit them to see what I’m raving about.


Kraalbaai Lagoon
And then we headed up to Kraalbaai in the West Coast National Park. Oh my hat, this is one of my favourite places ever. The surrounds are dry and sparse, but the water is clear turquoise and warm. It is massive, humbling and exquisite.


A little Kraalbaai selfie


West Coast National Park
A super close-up of meeee in the West Coast National Park


Kiting at Langebaan
From Kraalbaai, we made our way to Langebaan. My husband is a kitesurfer, which means that, quite by accident, I now look out for kites. I watch them and talk about them. And now I’m writing about them. Funny how that happens. There were loads of people learning how to kite (lots of schools are just metres from the sand) and a few that definitely seemed to know what they were doing.


shell shop in Langebaan
Just an amazing shell shop in Langebaan, called Neptune’s Cave. I’m not someone to collect shells, but there were some awesome little finds here.


Then, we headed to the beautiful Paternoster. It’s idyllic. We were a little disappointed at it not being a quaint fishing village. The food is pretty unexciting. I was expecting fishermen walking around with their fresh catches. But, most menus that we saw were pretty much made up of the stuff you could order at any Ocean Basket in Johannesburg. But still, these views.


Paternoster restaurant
On our way to the Voorstrandt Restaurant. Great service, beautiful views, and fair food.


Library in Paternoster
The quaint Paternoster Library


Paternoster shop
Just a cute little shop in Paternoster


Paternoster’s Junk & Disorderly has a sense of humour


In the morning, we went for a breakfast at Mondvol in Pelgrimsrus, just outside Paternoster. What a fab place. The owner, Alex, is super friendly, the decor is stunning (IMO) and the food was really delicious. Fresh bread, lashings of butter, micro herbs…all the things it takes to make me happy. They’re open for breakfasts and light lunches.


Another selfie (sorry) at Yzerfontein – another exquisite little spot. Wow, those beaches.


Yzerfontein beachfront
He looks so happy on his swinging bench and his pink fluffy keyring


Sunset Beach Lodge Cape Town
Then, we headed back to Cape Town for a quick downwinder. Well, my husband did the downwinder, and I lay on this bed and slept that glorious sleep that leaves you wondering what your name is. This was at the beautiful Sunset Beach Lodge near Blouberg. And the breakfast was deeelish!

We finished off with a dinner at Moyo, and then headed back home via Franschhoek. Ah, I just love Franschhoek. And, because vines are so hardy, there are many parts of the Winelands that are still lush, green and beautiful.

Now, we’re back home in the gorgeous Knysna, ready to plan our next road trip. Or maybe an air trip. Can you hear that? “Ameeeeliiiiaaaaa”  That’s Thailand, calling my name.

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