Moms Gone Wild – Ways to Chill Out When You Have 15 Minutes or Less

Moms have a reputation. Basically, we all look like this at some point :

tired mom gets it









(except me, because I never had a baby or a toddler to deal with, but that has challenges of its own. I know I won’t get much sympathy…tough crowd of toddler-moms).

We need to have some spoils, some TLC, some romance, some date nights, some chocolate. A full-body massage wouldn’t hurt either. But, what we need most of all is the time for all of these things. Where is all the darn time?

So, here are some sweet escapes for moms that take 15 minutes or less, but will definitely give you a bit of the time-out you need. The illusion of rest, if you will.

1. Snack on a block of dark chocolate – it increases your cortisol, which makes you happier. And it tastes ok too. Although, it’s important to limit it, so opt for sucking a block at leisure, rather than chomping through the slab. Or, try this chocolate, which is sugar-free and low-carb (hoorah).

2. YouTube your escape – watch cat videos, Trevor Noah stand-up routines, or funny wedding fails. Whatever it is that makes you laugh, watch more of that and less of the news. This is what makes me laugh. I’m a bad person, I know.

3. Make your favourite cuppa with a half a teaspoon of honey – honey is known to ease anxiety, and sipping on your tea will give you a few minutes ‘out’.

4. Put a refreshing mask on your feet and put them up for a few minutes while it does its magic.

5. Download a meditation app and do 15 minutes of meditation when you have the chance.

6. Put your head down – if the baby’s asleep or your boss has left for lunch, take a few minutes just to close your eyes and breathe. This isn’t a nap, just a time-out. If your mind is racing, think about being in a jungle at a waterfall. What sounds do you hear? How does the forest floor feel under your feet? Will you swim under the waterfall? What animals do you see? Really think about it and let your imagination focus only on your jungle. Change it to a desert island, if you prefer.

7. Phone a really good friend – there’s nothing quite like the belly laughs we share with the friends that know and understand us best. Even a 10-minute chat can be a real tonic.

8. Sit in your favourite spot – this can be your bedroom, sunroom, garden, or a bench down the road. Wherever it is, sit there and enjoy the details.

9. Organise a space that has been freaking you out – a kitchen cupboard, desk, or bedside table can easily be cleared in just a few minutes (usually) and doing this will clear your mind of that black cloud, looming over you.

10. Run on the spot – I know this sounds like hard work, but it’s very effective in getting your mind off stresses and getting the endorphins going. Even a few minutes of exertion every day will go a long way.

11. Write in your diary or your gratitude journal.

12. Listen (and dance) to your favourite song. Put it on LOUD. If you’re in the office, put your earphones in and mouth along. It’s not quite the same. There’s only so much I can do for you 😉

13. Sniff citrus oil – neat or on a burner. Citrus is calming and soothing.

14. Cuddle with your pet. The love of a pet can be all the therapy you need. Move over, Dr Phil.

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See? Dr Phil agrees.

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  1. 9th Aug 2017

    Love this easy points on this list. I normally do the YouTube escape … Got some chocolate at work yesterday for today 🙂

    • 9th Aug 2017

      Thanks, Melissa! What do you normally YouTube? I LOVE things like “the worst X-Factor auditions.” Enjoy that choc <3

  2. 9th Aug 2017

    Think I could use some of those…

    • 9th Aug 2017

      I agree! I think you deserve ten of them in a row 😉

  3. 9th Aug 2017

    Great tips and you’re right most of the time we just need a little breather to get through the hours until bed time!

    • 9th Aug 2017

      Thanks. Taking 15 minutes out can feel like such an indulgence when you’re a frantic mom, because there’s always something else you could be doing. But, it’s not negotiable – avoid burn-out!

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