Umhlanga – How This Mom Would Show It Who’s Boss

I once told someone that I wasn’t into humidity or wearing a bikini. So, they booked a holiday for me at Umhlanga Rocks. Did they hate me? We’ll never know.

It ended up not happening, and now I’m kind of sorry that I didn’t get to see it. Because, since then, I’ve overcome my dread of frizzy hair and public bikini displays. Now, I’d love to see this part of KwaZulu-Natal. I’ve written about it quite a bit for a client and, really, it looks like beach holiday perfection.

Umhlanga Lighthouse, Durban, South Africa
Umhlanga Lighthouse at Umhlanga Beach, Durban, South Africa

So, in the spirit of living as if my dreams were reality (they say you should dress for the job you want), I’ve put together some things I’d do with my family in the event of someone else booking a holiday for us in Umhlanga. It could happen. Again. #TotallyNotHinting


Ok, my daughter would straight-up sell a kidney to go to Wavehouse. This water park includes supertubes, a splash pad, and…the pièce de résistance…the Flowrider, which is like a permanent, eternal wave. Bliss. There is also the Pumptrax for kiddies on bikes and skateboards.

Umhlanga Beach

We are serious beach people. This hasn’t always been true of me. But, now I’m married to a merman and I’ve seen the error of my land-based ways. I mean, I’ve always liked looking at the sea. But, now I’m even prone to entering it. The beaches of Umhlanga have a number of convincing advantages. Not least of these is the warm water of the Indian Ocean. Umhlanga Beach is safe for swimming, has good facilities (including ablutions), and has lifeguards on duty.


This is a sure way to get me into the water. I absolutely love snorkelling. Probably only because I haven’t learnt to SCUBA yet, but it’s on my bucket list. Umhlanga offers prime snorkelling opportunities; either from the shore or a little beyond the breakers, where there’s even more marine life to enjoy. Some snorkellers encounter quizzy dolphins. Be still, my aching heart. I would do just about anything to have a frolic with a dolphin in its natural habitat.

Snorkeling in Umhlanga, Durban, South Africa
Also, this is totally how I look in a bikini.

Gateway Theatre of Shopping

I feel like I would appreciate the beaches better after a morning of retail therapy. Not only does this mall have more than 360 outlets (did you just hear your credit card gasp?), but it’s also home to the IMAX Theatre and Ster Kinekor. There’s even a five-a-side football venue on the roof of the mall. C’mon now.

Hiking Trails

I like the idea of seeing Umhlanga on foot, enjoying the fresh air and being able to stop and let the sunshine settle on my shoulders. The Umhlanga Lagoon Hiking Trail seems like the perfect way to do this. This trail is only 2km long but takes about an hour to finish because there’s so much to see and enjoy. There’s a forest section; and hikers should look out for little duikers, bushbuck, and birds along the way. The trail ends at a quiet beach and lagoon. It’s perfect for families with little ones that have loads of energy to burn.

The verdict

I live in a beautiful place and it takes a lot to top my gorgeous views and serene ambience. But, I think that, as far as family holidays are concerned, Umhlanga is tough to beat.

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  1. 26th Sep 2017

    I live here…. and it is tough to beat! 🙂

    • 26th Sep 2017

      Thanks for taking the bullet for the rest of us 😛 Although, to be fair, I live in Knysna…

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